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Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms used by millions across the globe. Politicians, celebrities and bloggers love Twitter as it has the ability to reach out to millions of people in just a few seconds. Twitter is simply a platform that allows for flow of news, information and different types of content over the social web. Many people have misunderstood Twitter, probably due to the name bearing a funny feel. When you add the limitation of 140 characters and text only format, it is possible for people to think of Twitter as trivial. However, if you start looking deep into what Twitter has to offer, the true character of Twitter will be revealed. Twitter is a tool that is efficient, nimble and extremely quick in reaching out to people.

Over the years, Twitter has developed some multimedia capabilities. It is possible to view and embed Slideshare presentations, images and YouTube videos in the tweets, which makes it a more powerful social media tool. Retweeting is a great way to allow your content to reach a larger audience. Retweeting is simple the process of sharing someone’s tweet with your followers. If you want your followers to retweets your tweets, you should focus on the following basic principles.

  • Quality – The quality of your tweets will decide if your followers want to retweet your tweets. If you provide information that is interesting and informative to others, the chances of the content being retweeted are much higher.
  • Quantity – The bigger following you have, the better are your chances of your content being retweeted. Build a good number of followers for your account to maximize the chances of your content being retweeted.

If you are able to combine the above two principles, you should be able to get your content retweeted extensively and at a faster rate. Apart from the basic principles, you can adopt a few simple tips that will help you to get more retweets. We have provided you with some top tips to help you get more retweets.

10 Tips to get more retweets

  1. Request your followers to retweet your content by using phrases such as ‘Please ReTweet’.
  2. The ideal time to post your tweet is between 12 and 2. This is when most users in Twitter are active and this can help you get more retweets.
  3. Using hashtags is a great way to get retweets.
  4. Tweet links those you feel are informative.
  5. Add any of the top retweetable phrases in your tweet.
  6. Do not make your tweet too long. Ensure that you do leave some space for people to add their bit while retweeting. Ideally, the length of a tweet that is meant for retweeting should be between 70 to 100 characters.
  7. If you want to get maximum retweets, post the tweet on a Friday. It gives the tweet the maximum possibility to be retweeted over the weekend.
  8. Avoid making the tweet personal or about yourself.
  9. Ensure that the tweet has a tempting headline, to grab the attention of the followers.
  10. If there is some important and breaking news, tweet it. The chances of news getting retweeted is much higher.

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